BORDA in Afghanistan

Improving living conditions means providing locally sustainable sanitation and energy solutions
Over 35,000 people provided with access to improved sanitation
Nearly 2,000 cubic meters of water cleaned every day

BORDA’s mission in Afghanistan began in 2012 with the establishment of its main office in Kabul. BORDA has implemented projects in Kabul, Herat, Nangarhar, Mazar-e Sharif and Bamyan.

Wastewater Treatment Projects

BORDA designs decentralised wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) and engages in local capacity development, providing training programmes for craftsmen, small-to-medium enterprises and local authorities on DEWATS implementation and operation. DEWATS is a low-maintenance system working solely through biological processes.

Biogas Projects

BORDA's biogas projects directly build the capacity of local communities, enabling them to implement appropriate system solutions and develop local people's skills in the operation and maintenance of such systems. Through the establishment of a working group facilitated by Afghanistan´s national biogas consortium, the lessons learnt in this community of practice feed into national planning processes and provide fact-based knowledge for the setting of priorities in national rural energy strategies, renewable energy strategies, and climate change adaptation strategies.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programmes

The WASH in Schools programme provides a menu of appropriate latrine designs for schools and aims to increase rates of handwashing through behaviour-changing activities such as sports tournaments, art, and music.

The WASH in Crisis programme focuses on providing appropriate WASH technologies for refugees and internal displaced persons (IDPs) living in camps or informal settlements.

On the Ground in Afghanistan - Our Projects

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