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COVID-19: BORDA distributes hygiene kits in Al Azraq, Jordan

Supplies to Aid in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

> Download the campaign fact sheet (1 MB PDF)

With funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and International Cooperation (SDC), BORDA in cooperation with the Directorate of Al Azraq District has implemented a 2020 health campaign to support official efforts in managing and overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign included the distribution of 3,000 hygiene kits containing supplies to aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The kits were delivered to all homes as well as official institutions, mosques and schools in the areas affiliated with Al Azraq district.

According to BORDA Jordan’s director, Eng. Zeina Annab, the Azraq region was chosen for the health campaign as a complement to the ISSRAR project, which aims to provide innovative sanitation services in the region and is implemented by BORDA and Seecon and funded by SDC.

Creating Temporary Jobs, Raising Community Awareness

The campaign employed day workers from the local community whose work was directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis, providing 125 daily contracts to aid in the implementation of the initiative's activities over the course of 14 days.

In addition to supplying hygiene kits, the campaign helped to enhance community awareness of how to deal with coronavirus. Workers distributed informational flyers approved by national and international health agencies clarifying a set of preventive guidelines that limit the spread of infection and protect society and individuals alike. The COVID-19 response programme will continue in its second phase through the maintenance of WASH facilities at government schools in Al Azraq district, contributing to a healthy environment for students.

Ms. Sabine Rosenthaler, Deputy Head of Cooperation at SDC in Jordan, added that various forms of support were provided to the Jordanian government as an emergency response to reduce the health, economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was accomplished through amending the programmes funded by the SDC to meet the emerging and enlarged needs of the most vulnerable groups of society, refugees and labour expats.

The community of Azraq has greatly appreciated this initiative, which came at a critical time. Due to its location next to the Al-Omari boundary area which has seen many COVID-19 cases, Al Azraq recognised the urgent need to support and advocate for strong awareness and demonstrated their keenness to provide health and hygiene protections for all in the district.

Through a health campaign complementary to the ISSRAR project, BORDA is supporting official efforts to manage and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in Al Azraq

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