Integrated wastewater reuse: Feynan Ecolodge in Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan
19 October 2017
Jordan: Innovative Sanitation Solutions and Reuse in Arid Regions (ISSRAR)
18 April 2018

DEWATS for domestic wastewater: Abdul Rahman Great Mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan

The Abdul Rahman Great Mosque, inaugurated on the 20th of July 2012 by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, was designed to serve more than 10,000 Muslim visitors per day. Completed in 2009, the Abdul Rahman Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in Afghanistan. There is also a madrasa inside the mosque and a library containing 150,000 books.

BORDA attached a DEWATS system to the mosque's already existing but under-dimensioned settler, in order to more efficiently treat the wastewater coming from the toilet complex. The treated wastewater is used to irrigate the garden, with any excess discharged into a nearby drain. Due to limited space, a 2-level anaerobic baffle reactor (ABR) was implemented.

Project Name: Abdul Rahman Great Mosque
System: DEWATS for domestic wastewater
Funding Agency: BMZ/BORDA e.V.
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
GPS Coordinates: 3431.273 N, 69 10.494 E
Construction Period: 3.5 months
Construction Cost: $72,916
Contractor (Construction Company): Real Builder Engineering Services
Number of Beneficiaries: 2665
Design Capacity for Treating Wastewater: 34 m3 / day
Start of Operation: 20 Feb 2013
Treatment Efficiency: COD in: 2177 mg/l, COD out: 273 mg/l

At Kabul’s Abdul Rahman Great Mosque, designed to serve more than 10,000 visitors per day, BORDA’s DEWATS system efficiently treats wastewater from the complex’s toilets

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