Integrated wastewater reuse: Feynan Ecolodge in Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan
19 October 2017

Greywater treatment system: Jiyan Foundation Healing Garden in Chamchamal, Northern Iraq

About the Healing Garden Project

Working with Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, BORDA has provided the greywater treatment system for the new Healing Garden in Chamchamal, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

For the past few years, Kurdistan has suffered from rainfall deficit and and a low groundwater level, resulting in water scarcity. Maintaining the Healing Center's garden and zoo requires a substantial amount of water. A sewage canal that runs underneath the garden carries household greywater from nearby houses. BORDA’s team designed a decentralized wastewater treatment system (DEWATS) that will clean 100 cubic meters of dirty water each day, enough to provide the entire garden with clean water to meet the needs of the plants and animals. Beyond the technical project implementation, BORDA will train the garden staff to maintain the system on their own.

On June 26, 2016 BORDA began the pre-feasibility study required to design a proper treatment system. The Science College of Salahaddin University conducted laboratory tests to obtain the real value of BOD and COD in the samples, and partner organization Basic Needs Services Philippines, Inc. prepared the detailed drawing of the system.

This greywater treatment plant is chemical-free and cleans the water through natural processes, preserving resources and demonstrating the value of reusing and recycling water in a region that is strongly affected by climate change

Start of construction: May 15, 2017
Construction completion date: September 24, 2017
Budget: 159.833,50 USD
Donors: BMZ / Misereor
Partner: Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

Working with Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, BORDA implemented the greywater treatment system for a new Healing Garden in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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