At Feynan Ecolodge, a new system ensures waste is not always wasted
29 May 2019
COVID-19: BORDA distributes hygiene kits in Al Azraq, Jordan
7 July 2020

BORDA in collaboration with the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) develops and designs innovative solutions for safe and sustainable sanitation services. Furthermore, BORDA promotes building the capacity of the community and stakeholders through an innovative participatory approach, in order to improve the livelihoods of local communities while preserving the environment.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with a contribution of Euro 66,700, BORDA purchased the de-sludging truck via the Innovative Sanitation Solutions and Reuse in Arid Region (ISSRAR) project. Since 2017 ISSRAR is being implemented in accordance with the National Water Strategic Plan (2016-2025) in Al Azraq municipality. The project aims at building a constructed wetland to treat wastewater, protect freshwater resources, and provide a new water source from reclaimed water. Moreover, the project provides youth with job opportunities and the community with needed expertise.

Mr. Marwan Iseed, Mayor of Al Azraq Municipality, stressed the importance of the truck considering the excess demand for and lack of resources: “The de-sludging truck has become a reality today, and we will work hand in hand with BMZ to protect our environment”. Eng. Dana Barqawi, BORDA representative added: “At BORDA, we provide the best sustainable sanitation solutions that correspond with needs of Al Azraq municipality”.

The ceremony was concluded with a photo exhibition that showcased the reality of sanitation services in Al Azraq, followed by an open-day event for the children of the local community, which included a performance by a local band for kids’ parties, popcorn and cotton candy, and cartoon characters.

At the end of August, BORDA handed over a German funded de-sludging truck to Mr. Marwan Iseed, the Mayor of Al Azraq Municipality in a ceremony organised by BORDA

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