BORDA in Jordan

Our partnerships are leading the way in piloting innovative solutions in the face of increasing water scarcity

Notwithstanding a severe water shortage, Jordan is one of few countries in the Middle East to have managed its freshwater resources relatively well. The country has managed to provide 63% of its population with a sewerage network. All collected wastewater is being treated in 31 wastewater treatment plants distributed over the kingdom. The country is expected to treat 240 MCM/year by 2025, contributing to around 16% of the total water budget.

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) is developing action plans and policies to optimize the management of scarce water resources. BORDA Jordan contributes to this effort by providing adapted wastewater systems and integrated urban sanitation solutions.

On the Ground in Jordan - Our Projects

18 April 2018

Jordan: Innovative Sanitation Solutions and Reuse in Arid Regions (ISSRAR)

In line with Jordan’s national water strategy, the SDC-funded ISSRAR project aims to ensure and promote safe reuse of treated wastewater and biosolids – turning waste streams into resource streams
19 October 2017

Integrated wastewater reuse: Feynan Ecolodge in Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan

In a sensitive biosphere reserve in a remote area of Jordan, BORDA is developing a close-to-nature sanitation solution for integrated wastewater reuse

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