Program launch: Innovative Sanitation Solutions and Reuse in Arid Regions (ISSRAR)
7 December 2017
Local youth support technical assessments of household sanitation systems in Azraq, Jordan
5 July 2018

Using the participatory approach to improve sanitation solutions in Jordan

ISSRAR Governance Assessment Workshop

In January 2018, the ISSRAR consortium conducted a Governance Workshop inviting different stakeholders, professionals and decision makers from the Jordanian sanitation sector.

The governance framework is crucial for the successful extension of sanitation serviced by ISSRAR as the projects needs to:

1. be compliant with the legal framework

2. align with existing systems to use opportunities

3. understand key constraints that could prevent the implementation of sustainable solutions.

Following such an understanding, the workshop used a participatory assessment approach to tap the knowledge of sector expzrts to analyse key governance areas related to wastewater management, wastewater/sludge/biosolids reuse, financing of wastewater management, service provision and cooperation in wastewater management.

ISSRAR Consortium partner seecon facilitated the workshop that brought up insightful results for the project. By using a quantitative and qualitative scoring method for the different key governance areas, group of experts defined strengths and weaknesses of these defined areas relevant to the ISSRAR project

Even more informative than the quantitative average scoring results, were the discussions that captured explanations and opinions on why key governance areas received high or low scores. The discussion related for example to which regulations or standards are currently in place, successful and challenging set-ups of responsibilities between different agencies, how ISSRAR can better access information and partnerships, etc

The ISSRAR project is now carefully taking up all the workshop results and integrating them into its implementation strategy. Continuous collaboration with experts of this workshop is envisaged and considered as very valuable for its success.


Consortium signs an MoU with Azraq Municipality on Investigating Water and Sanitation Solutions

ISSRAR consortium continually strives to strengthen the cooperation with relevant institutions in the sanitation sector, including government agencies, academic institutions, and others. Most importantly though is the successful cooperation with the selected community/municipality for the implementation of the project.

On March 18th 2018, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was taking place in the Azraq Municipality premises between Alex Miller, ISSRAR project manager and Mr.Marwan AL Saeed, the Mayor of Azraq Municipality. This joint agreement is built on the basis of mutual trust, synergy, transparency and mutual benefits. The MoU formalises and defines the cooperation between both parties towards the achievement of mutually agreed sanitation solutions under the ISSRAR project mandate.

During the ceremony, main contact persons and responsibilities were assigned for each party’s side. The parties agreed to undertake joint effort to ensure the successful realisation of the Inception Phase activities and work towards operationalising the goals of the ISSRAR project and its corresponding outcomes in the project’s Implementation Phase. The MoU will be effective throughout the Inception Phase, which will continue until the end of June 2018, with targeted extension after this date.

The launch of regular, wide-ranging cooperation between the organisations consortium and the local municipality is a stepping stone to improving sanitation solutions to underserved communities with. Both parties are thrilled to be working together to create much needed sustainable impact and better living conditions for Azraq community.


ISSRAR Consortium is making progress: a governance assessment workshop and a memorandum of understanding between the consortium partners and the municipality of Azraq open the way to develop adapted sanitation solutions in Jordan

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