Water & Energy Talks

Bringing people together to learn from experience, share new ideas and talk about all things concerning the Water & Energy sector

Water & Energy is a broad topic and we are taking the time to talk about it. The WE talk series is a recurring event happening in Amman, Jordan and around the globe. These talks are intended as gathering places for curious people to address current questions in the water and energy sector. Ideas will be explained in an approachable manner by and to professionals, students, journalists and anybody who wants to participate.

Behavioural Change

29 September 2019

WE talk: Behavioural Change

In the third instalment of the WE talk series we brought together religious and community leaders to talk about behavioural change and how to best address fair governance and engage with individuals to bring about meaningful change.

How to Enable Innovation

2 September 2018

WE talk: Innovation

On the 23rd of September, we discussed how innovation can be better enabled in the water and energy sectors during our second WE talk, held in downtown Amman, Jordan

Defining Gender as a Process

14 May 2018

WE talk: Defining Gender as a Process

To celebrate the 2018 International Women’s Day, our first talk will address the concept of gender in the water & energy sector: How and why gender can be understood as an approach rather than an activity?

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